Textile Mats

Textile Mats

Textile mats for vehicle interiors are products made of special automotive carpeting and are placed in the floor niches with the purpose of ensuring cleanliness and comfortable conditions when using the vehicle.

The use of dense carpeting on a rubber base ensures the protection of the interior from dust and dirt.

The rubber base of the mats prevents slipping. The mars are inert to the chemical reagents, which are used to treat the roads in the winter period. A "Velcro" strip guarantees additional fixation of the mat in the interior.

The elegant shape of the mats emulates the configuration of the floor. The mats have an original design. They possess high resistance to wear. They are easy to wash and clean with a vacuum cleaner.


Novline textile interior mats are made individually for each model of automobile. In their development, a 3D scanning method is used.

Stages of Development


In the production of Novline textile mats for vehicle interiors, a 100% polypropylene frieze on a rubber base is used. It offers the following characteristics:

Resistance to ultraviolet rays.
Resistance to wear.
Complies with the color scheme of the vehicle interior.
Resistance to wetness.


Within the program to improve the quality of production, our company has moved to 100% installation with fasteners. If there are standard fasteners for mats provided in a vehicle, we use the original fasteners. When a place for mounting is not provided, we install universal fasteners, which guarantee safety during driving.


Textile mats reliably maintain cleanliness in the interior of your vehicle, effectively absorb dirt and moisture, are easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and can be cleaned well with the use of various means. They are absolutely inert to the chemical reagents which are used on the roads in the winter period.

The products possess a high resistance to abrasion that allows them to maintain their aesthetic external appearance and significantly increases their lifetime.

The original design, the range of color schemes, the various structures of frieze and the quality of the edge of the products gives the interior of the vehicle maximum comfort and a special style. Textile mats are designed for all year round use in any weather conditions.

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