Spoilers and decorative body kits

MOTORDROME Spoilers and Decorative Body Kits (Greece)

The MOTORDROME company has more than 25 years of experience in developments related to aerodynamics and the improvement of the external appearance of vehicles.

The company owns a modern manufacturing complex, certified by ISO 9001-2008. Advanced technologies are used; molds are made from hard aluminum alloys with the help of CNC machines. So these moulds offer high resistance to wear and guarantee stable quality products in mass production.


All products are adapted for the different climatic conditions in Europe and Russia, and are distinguished by their high resistance to external influences and their durability.

Motordrome spoilers are made from high quality hard polyurethane (TPE-U) and due to this, they do not lose their properties during temperature changes. They also offer high strength and durability.

Thanks to its colossal experience the MOTORDROME company knows everything about aerodynamics and successfully uses its knowledge in the design and manufacturing of its products. The superb design of these spoilers and decorative body kits gives vehicles an inimitable external appearance.

Design Features


Computerized development, the use of injection and blow molding techniques.


Environmentally friendly, modern materials.


A way to give a vehicle an aggressive, calm or any other style.


Increased downforce and reduction of drag.