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MontBlanc Baggage Systems

MontBlanc, Philosophy of Quality

All MontBlanc products and the materials from which they are made are absolutely safe for the environment, as confirmed by the environmental certificate given for compliance with the ISO 14001:2004 standard. The 3-year warranty is a testament to quality and the care taken of partners and end users. There is a high level of quality due to the presence of certificates of compliance with the standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949.

The company pays special attention to choice of materials and construction so that MontBlanc products comply with the requirements of the automotive industry as well as government standards. The implementation of new and more stringent tests of compliance with DIN and ISO standards is suggested by the example of the City-Crash test, a modelled collision in urban conditions.

The following groups of products are found in a variety of MontBlanc product lines:

Roof racks

MontBlanc roof racks are ideally suited to the exterior of automobiles, and their well thought out and perfect design ensures the most accurate installation. Roof racks are represented in a range of MontBlanc product lines for various segments of the market.


MontBlanc roof boxes are winners of multiple tests of specialized industry publications, are made of modern, high-tech and ecological materials. They have an elegant, aerodynamic shape, with different sizes, useful volumes and carrying capacity.

Cycle Carriers

MontBlanc cycle carriers possess unique design features, ideal quality and multiple ways of attachment. This has ensured them international recognition. This type of product complies with all International standards of safety, environmental and reliability.

Roof Rack Platforms

MontBlanc's comfortable and functional platforms are made of high quality materials and in different aesthetic forms. They are ideally suited for use for personal goals as well as for business goals.

Boats, surfboards and canoes carriers

These carriers allow the transportation of any water sports boats in maximum comfort. Practicality, comfort, safety and simplicity are the calling cards of this product.

Ski holders

These exclusive and practical ski holders assist in the comfortable and safe transport of skis and snowboards. Made of modern and high quality materials, these ski mounts firmly occupy their niche in the automobile accessories market.

Solutions for commercial transport

MontBlanc's highly qualified specialists suggest ideal solutions for commercial transport, having developed an exclusive range of product lines for professionals. Designed for everyday use, this type of product meets the individual business needs of our clients.

Dog guards

This product is a result of market research, expressing the requirement by part of the population for such kind of products. Dog guards assist in the safe and comfortable transport of pets and different kinds of cargo.

Load Stops

An exclusive design and ergonomic. They can be attached in two positions and can be easily adjusted along the roof rails. They can be installed on regular steel cross bars (20x30mm and 30x40mm) as well as aluminum ones.