Производство аксессуаров и компонентов для легковых и грузовых автомобилей

Производство аксессуаров и компонентов для легковых и грузовых автомобилей


Establishment of the company and the first successes

In April 1994, Novline Group was founded. Founder, Igor Khromov, was the first in modern Russia who realized the prospects and potential of individual approach to the design and manufacture of products for the automotive industry. From the outset, the founder of Novline company has focused his efforts on engineering innovative products, thorough, consistent preparation for entering foreign markets and enhance the company's international presence.

The first products

As part of the engineering of new products the development team faced a new challenge to protect the wheel house of the car, the result of which was the development of a unique quality and functional properties accessory - wheel arch locker.

Process approach

The founder of the company realized from the very beginning the significance of synergy for all quality innovative products, as well as a high level of service. Management team embarked on systematic construction of supply chains within the parent market as well as building processes with partners and customers.


Active development

Having felt positive feedback, Novline is rapidly building up its business activity. From 1995 to 2004, the production capacity of the group have increased significantly, the lion's share of industrial activity is concentrated in the industrial park of Khotkovo, Russian Federation.

The expansion of the sales network

The Group actively works on expanding the network of partners on the mother market. Trade policy and development strategy are formed. The lockers become one of the key product lines in the business of automobile accessories.

Market research

Team marketing group actively explores trends and tendencies of the automotive accessories industry in the world. Internal and external audits are performed. Target groups of customers are being studied. The ultimate goal is to develop innovative products.

New level

Major automobile manufacturers are negotiating with a group on partnership in various OES projects. Since 2004, the Group has signed a contract with Mitsubishi general importer and has begun to produce original accessories under this trademark.


Introduction of innovative technologies

Following the strategy of bringing to market an innovative product, Novline marketers, based on research, decide to concentrate the efforts of the development team on the product line - car floor mats and trunk liners. On the basis of analysis of potential customers' requirements the concept of the product is developed.

An innovative product is brought to market

Novline group technology team was the first in the world to choose the optimum formulation of raw materials and the use of polymers to start production of automotive accessories. For several years Novline has been a monopolist in the production of automotive accessories based on thermoplastic elastomers. Thanks to the brilliant team work of marketers and engineers the company manages to reach a new level of development.

Launch of the product line - mud flaps

Continuing to implement innovative technologies and materials, the group decides to bring to market a product line - mud flaps.

The introduction of advanced engineering technologyа

The result of the growing number of OES and OEM projects was the introduction of new technology for product development. Along with 3D laser scanning the development of accessories is based on 3D models of cars which have not been brought to the market yet. Thanks to the project work with automakers' technician teams, the competence of the group's development team is intensively improving.


A new round

Group strengthens its position in the OES segment, becoming the absolute leader in the number of projects on the mother OES market in the context of its product lines. Commercial units of the group are headed by a team of young ambitious managers. Product strategy is being adjusted. Business processes are being audited.

Novline is the absolute leader in the number of projects on the mother OES market

Business units of the group become OES and OEM partners in different markets and across different product lines of the brands such as Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Suzuki, Kia, Hyundai, SsangYong , Chevrolet, Opel, Ford, Fiat, Hummer.

Induced investments of the group

Novline's Top Management decides to invest in production activity: "Metal processing" should be placed in Hotkovo Technopark, Russian Federation. Part of the production capacity associated with the processing of certain product lines by chemical polishing is accomodated on the group's site in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. As a result, the Novline product line extends to the following product groups: "skid plates", "decorative and protective accessories", "sill plates". As part of the already implemented technology: vacuum forming and injection molding; it is decided to allocate additional investment in order to organize another product line - deflectors.

Partnership with external suppliers

Focusing on innovation and engineering, Novline is continuously working towards strengthening of its presence on the local and foreign markets. Following this task, marketing team continuously monitors the needs and analyses market trends for automotive accessories. As a result, decisions are made about the partnership between the various business units of the group and suppliers of highest quality adjacent product lines demanded by Novline customers and partners in selected markets. Before becoming a Novline partner, the supplying companies undergo a complex multi-level audit system of their manufacturing processes for compliance with the group's standards. The result of such a work was Novline's partnership with Aragon company, the leading manufacturer of towing devices. Novline has the exclusive distribution right for products under Aragon trademark in the Russian Federation and other markets (more than 11 countries), where the group does business.

2009 - present

Strengthening its presence in various market segments

Decisions about the active development of such distribution channels as retail and online retail are taken. The number of OEM and OES projects continues to increase. The Group invests in several online projects. It is intervening heavily in the new markets. Along with strengthening in foreign markets, the group continues to strengthen its position on the mother market, gradually building up its own network of regional offices.

Strengthen its position on the mother market

Investments to the opening of nine regional business units, which significantly strengthened the commercial block and logistics link of the group on the mother market. Increased investment in staff training gave opportunity for development.

Investments in manufacturing

The Group invests in the expansion of its own product lines. It is decided to organize another production site based in Technopark Hotkovo. In June 2011, a new product under the umbrella brand name of the group - textile mats Novline - enters the mother market.