Производство аксессуаров и компонентов для легковых и грузовых автомобилей

Principles of sustainable development

Since the founding of the company, we have followed a simple formula for success: responsible attitude to business guarantees a positive result, therefore four most priority areas were determined as follows:


inno-001.pngWorking in the automotive accessories industry for more than 15 years, we have focused on our expertise in the application of thermoplastic and metal. Along with this, the company's specialists interact with leading research centers and laboratories constantly working hard to improve the product and to implement the most daring ideas.

We are looking for innovative projects and invest in them as part of our industry, believing that thus we are laying the foundation for the future success of Novline.

Product and service

Our mission today and in the future is to manufacture high quality and reliable products that meet international standards and requirements of the most demanding customers. Engineering solutions of our team are aesthetically attractive and functional, and are designed to provide the highest possible level of safety and protection for both the driver and his car. Implementation of car protecting solutions can increase its durability and reduce maintenance costs, which ultimately creates more economic value.

At the same time, ensuring product quality and reliability of supply is impossible without the use of modern high-performance equipment that allows continuous monitoring of process parameters and minimize dependence on the human factor. Total control and competent management of the production process ensure high quality of our products, confirmed by periodic tests for compliance with standards.

Customer loyalty

nl-loyal.pngWe are aiming at a long-term success rather than immediate one-time gains.

Novline group managed to embody the highest standards of corporate ethics, relevant local and international legal standards in all areas where we do business.

Openness, transparency, a high level of confidence in conjunction with partners are the standards that are embodied in the corporate policy.

A fair assessment of our business activity by the market is the top priority for us.

Due to these characteristics, the industry leaders in related product lines, such as Aragon towbars, B-System mechanical automobile anti-theft locks, are now partners of Novline and successfully use commercial infrastructure to distribute their products in areas where we do business.

Attractiveness of the company as a reliable employer

The ultimate goal of the Novline group is to form a united team of professionals. People are our greatest capital, which is acquired through a careful and elaborate system of selection of personnel, continuous training in the process and with the help of special programs.

A high level of employee engagement in business helps to maximize professional disclosure of obtaining satisfaction from the performance, which directly affects the positive financial results of the company.

Much attention is paid to the education of young professionals: the company cooperates with leading technical universities, selecting and attracting the talented students.

Attracting and employing talented professionals, we are contributing to the development of society and economy.