Производство аксессуаров и компонентов для легковых и грузовых автомобилей


The Novline management team is a group of active, ambitious managers who possess extensive experience in specialized areas of business. Our highest priority is the protection of the interests of our clients, partners and shareholders.

Being a leader of innovation in the automobile accessories industry, we are aware that this is our team that is the key to success and long-term growth. Accumulating basic competencies and knowledge, our leaders are the most important and most valuable resource in our group. Thanks to them and the team as a whole, we have been creating new values in the automobile accessories sector for more than 15 years.

The top management of the Novline group of companies has fully integrated the principles of stable and consistent growth in all business processes.

As a result, we have a clear list of factors that influence our stable and consistent growth, an understanding of the relationships between these factors and our financial results, and a set of corresponding key performance indicators (KPI).

KPIs enable us to measure, control and improve the social, ecological and economic performance of Novline on a completely new level.

An interview with the head of the Novline group of companies